Market trends | Victor Ebhomenye
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Victor Ebhomenye


Executive Director, Nigeria

Ebhomenye Victor is an executive director at Market Trends International with close to ten years experience working actively in the market research industry.


Victor has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative studies, CAPI & CATI data collection, survey design, focus groups moderation, translation and transcription, report and presentation. He has coordinated several research projects within pan-Nigeria and throughout the African continent. Some of his major projects include large socio-economic studies and consumer surveys for global organizations. He has experience running complex studies and has audited over 800 stores in the past few years.


Victor graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with a Computer Science degree. He has obtained a Prince 2 level 2 Certificate and Professional Research Certification from the University of Georgia. He also holds certification in Strategic Project Management and leadership skills.
Victor is affiliated to several market research organizations namely; ESOMAR, Gallup, WIN and Nimra. Under his administration MTI was awarded the Most Innovative & Impactful Marketing Research Consultancy of the Year 2022.



Mobile: +234 812 700 1468

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